Barcelona Cultura
Glòries Catalanes Square. 2014 AFB. Darius Koehli

Holdings and collections

The evolution of the Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona over time has given rise to the wealth and uniqueness of the photos it houses. The Archive contains photos of all types, from daguerreotype, ambrotype and ferrotype to positive on plastic film, autochrome and albumen paper.

The subject of these photographs is essentially the city of Barcelona. Amongst them we can highlight themed blocks with large numbers of photos on events such as the 1888 Universal Exposition, the 1909 remodelling of Via Laietana, the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition and the 1992 Olympic Games. It also conserves valuable photos of towns of Catalonia and cities of Spain and other countries.

The photos were taken by a large number of well-known photographers. Individuals and families of photographers with links to the city of Barcelona from the early days of photography to the present day: Napoleon, Antoni Esplugas, Pau Audouard, Joan Martí, Frederic Ballell, Josep Postius, Josep Badosa i Montmany, the Pérez de Rozas family, Colita, and a long etcetera.

This is thus a rich and valuable photographic collection that is an aid in reconstructing and following the evolution of the city and the history of photography in Catalonia.


  • Cycling
  • Circus in Barcelona
  • 1888 Universal Exposition
  • Remodelling of Via Laietana
  • 1929 Barcelona International Exposition
  • Olympic Games