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Glòries Catalanes Square. 2014 AFB. Darius Koehli

Exhibition: "Oleguer Junyent, fotògraf. Roda el món i torna al Born" until 20 october 2017

The exhibition: "Oleguer Junyent, fotògraf. Roda el món i torna al Born", presents the photographs taken in 1908 by this artist, stage designer, decorator and collector, on his trip around the world. In the eleven months he spent travelling, he produced drawings, watercolours and oil paintings, which documented monuments and people from all over the world, whilst at the same time using a stereo camera to capture other aspects more instantaneously. On his return to the city, a large exhibition was organised, and the following year, he wrote a book giving the account of his travels. His photographic work, almost all unpublished, allows us now to see through the eyes of this illustrious traveller.

From 16th May 2017 to 7th January 2018, the Frederic Marès Museum in Barcelona is hosting the exhibition “Oleguer Junyent, col·leccionista. Roda el món i torna al Born”, which reveals another side to this multifaceted artist.

Monday to Saturday from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm. Closed on public holidays, except september 24th, 25 th.  Entrance free.


Egipte. Sakkara. piràmide esglaonada del faraó Djoser, 1908. AFB. O. Junyent